15Avril-Wolkoff-WithoutShameAlbumArtThis week saw the release of Without Shame, the first album by Wolkoff (Joanie Wolkoff, CL, 2005); there are really interesting videos of The Homecoming (also featuring AUP alumnus, Ken Peyser), and While You Still Can. Or look out for live events.

That’s the electro-pop / dance side of the Comparative Literature diaspora. Cheney Munson (CL, 2006) fronts Tacoma Narrows, representing the ‘big city country-folk bluegrass’ wing of the department.cheneyTheir first album, Good Mourning, has been out for a few months now, and they are gathering fans and reputation. You can watch videos of Youthful Heart (performed live amid icy beauty), and This is How it Starts. Or see them live.



Andy maagA third band – experimental / progressive math-rock this time  – headed by an alumnus of the department is The Other Band on Earth, featuring singer Andy Maag (CL, 2013), and Dan Schwartz, who met Andy when a visiting student at AUP. Watch their smart video work on Culture, and keep up to date with their touring schedule through their facebook or twitter feeds (@OtherBandEarth)