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La Rentrée celebrating student success

“As a consumer, it feels special to have something ‘small’. It’s like a little secret that you get to be a part of with the artist/publisher. And let’s face it, it doesn’t feel like there’s many secrets left.” says Summer Institute 2015 student, Stephen Eichenbaum in this interview about his newly published and beautiful zine.

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Times Literary Supplement: Professor Gunn and Williams

The latest edition of the renowned literary newspaper, the Times Literary Supplement, sees significant analytical articles published by two members of the Comparative Literature and English department. 

Professor Dan Gunn’s piece is called “More vim than spunk” and is the lead fiction review in the issue. Gunn reviews A Country Road, A Tree by Jo Baker, a fictionalised account of Beckett’s war years. It can be read at the following link (a subscription to the TLS is required): Samuel Beckett, reimagined
Russell Williams publishes a review of a new Paris exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo, convinced by and featuring the work of the contemporary novelist Michel Houellebecq. He concludes that “the writer is as much at home in the gallery as he is on the page”. This piece has can be read for free here.

Russell Williams on Lee Child

Andy Martin sat and watched Lee Child write his most recent novel. Russell Williams wrote about the resulting book. Child, it transpires, is as much a poet as he is a writer of thrillers…

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Summer Writing and Foraging

As the Creative Writing Summer Institute starts today, we’re pleased to share an interview with one of the tutors: Professor Jeffrey Greene on his recently published In Pursuit of Wild Edibles: A Forager’s Tour.   Continue reading “Summer Writing and Foraging”

Mui Poopoksakul, MACT student, awarded a PEN grant for her translation of Thai author Prabda Yoon

One of AUP’s M.A. in Cultural Translation graduates, Mui Poopoksakul, has been awarded a PEN grant for her translation of Thai author Prabda Yoon – indeed, the work she completed chez nous at the American University of Paris.

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DANIEL MEDIN profile during a busy year

A profile of Daniel Medin is now available to read on the Alumni Magazine site (and print). Click here to read about his current work and busy year – whirlwind would be the best word.
Among other things, Medin is a judge for the 2016 Man Booker International Prize. The annual award honors a fictional book translated into English and published in the United Kingdom. The winning title earns a lofty £50,000 ($75,800), split equally between author and translator and the winner will be announced next week.

CL senior Audrey Michels tweets Martial

MartialAs part of her work for Professor Wildberger’s class, CL3017: Imperial Rome – Philosophy, Literature, and Society, CL senior Audrey Michels has been tweeting aphoristic applications of Roman writer Martial’s epigrams. The results are brilliant, and well worth a read and a re-tweet.

New music from Comparative Literature alumni: Wolkoff, Tacoma Narrows, The Other Band on Earth

15Avril-Wolkoff-WithoutShameAlbumArtThis week saw the release of Without Shame, the first album by Wolkoff (Joanie Wolkoff, CL, 2005); there are really interesting videos of The Homecoming (also featuring AUP alumnus, Ken Peyser), and While You Still Can. Or look out for live events.

That’s the electro-pop / dance side of the Comparative Literature diaspora. Cheney Munson (CL, 2006) fronts Tacoma Narrows, representing the ‘big city country-folk bluegrass’ wing of the department. Continue reading “New music from Comparative Literature alumni: Wolkoff, Tacoma Narrows, The Other Band on Earth”

Nathalie Neubert on “Translating Houellebecq”


In March, Lorin Stein, Editor of The Paris Review participated in a panel discussion entitled “Translating Houellebecq”, together with Russell Williams (AUP) and Nelly Kaprièlian, (Les Inrockuptibles). Nathalie Neubert was among the students who attended the event and reports back here:

I arrived at the event ten minutes early because I always tend to arrive at these kinds of things early. I saw Professor Williams walking around, talking to some of the guests, and he was wearing a suit.

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