The courses in Greek and Latin at the higher levels are cross-listed with Comparative Literature; students work towards language proficiency through individual projects designed with the professor. These are some examples of projects students have designed and completed:

CL/LT 3070 Intermediate Latin II

Performance of Latin love poetry. Reading original works in translation. Prescribed: Propertius, Tibullus, Catullus, Ovid (Amores, Ars Amatoria) completely, Vergil. Aeneid, Lucretius’ “Pathology of Love” (end of De rerum natura book 4). Further optional readings according to interest and agenda. Careful study of individual poems, including their meter, in preparation of recorded recitations.

Serving as original language advisor to interested students of CL 1025 and auditing the classics module of that course.

Final project with recordings of poems by Propertius, public presentation and accompanying explanatory material (translation, commentary etc.)

Translation of a renaissance manuscript in praise of King Francis 1st and his sister, Marguerite de Navarre. First ever English translation made on the basis of the original manuscript. To be published as a bilingual edition on the website “Cour de France”. In co-operation with Kathleen Chevallier (Art History).

A Consular Election at Rome — The Commentariolum Petitionis. This project was undergone in the year of elections in France and the US, with a student of Politics. Detailed study of the Commentariolum Petitionis attributed to Quintus Cicero, from a linguistic and literary perspective as well as study of socio-political context, including a comparison with modern practices and conceptions.

Roman Religion. For a history student who is now working toward a PhD in religious studies at the University of Chicago. Exploration of Roman religion and ancient philosophical theology both through study of Latin sources and secondary readings, including the attendance of a postgraduate Spring School on ancient religion in Erfurt, Germany, with the theme: Ancient Religions: Religion and the Body. Preparatory readings of texts discussed at that Spring School & Passio Perpetuae (complete) and excerpts from Cicero, De natura deorum.

CL/LT 4070 Advanced Studies in Latin

The ancient novel: Petronius und Apuleius.

CL/GK 3050 Intermediate Ancient Greek II

Under- and Upper-Worlds. Exploring classical Greek conceptions and literary creations of death and the afterlife in comparison to medieval and modern discourses (in conjunction with a parallel class on Dante and a Latin Classicsbridge course on Vergil, Aeneid 6.) Readings from Lucian’s Dialogue of the Dead, funerary epigrams (both real stone epigrams and literary creations), Plato’s Phaedo.

City, Nation, League: The Idea of Political Unity from Ancient Greece to Modern Europe. In combination with a Directed Study. Original readings for a research paper. The student in question is now working toward a PhD in European Studies at the London School of Economics.

CL/GK 4070 Advanced Studies in Ancient Greek

Literary translation of Lucian, Symposium.