Jula 2013 IΧΑΙΡΕΤΕ, Ω ΦΙΛΟΙ. For all those of you who would like to learn more about ancient Greece and its literature but could not take a full four-credit course, we have designed this new offering. It gives you an overview of Greek litera­ture from its very beginnings in the 8th century BCE to the brilliant intellectuals of the Roman Empire (2nd/3rd century CE). You will encounter a wide range of excerpts from various authors, works and genres and get to see them within their cultural context. In this way, you will also enhance your knowledge about the history and the life of people at that time. I’m sure you will make some interesting and delightful new acquaintances.

Teaching will take the form of lectures and teacher-student dialogues. Your coursework will consist in attending the classes, doing the prescribed readings, taking little knowledge quizzes on dates, names and some technical terms, and sitting a final examination based on the lectures you have attended.

Jula 2013 IIf you have any questions, please contact Jula Wildberger (jwildberger@aup.fr).