This is the blog of the Department of Comparative Literature and English at AUP. We have been looking for a way to represent what our department is. We know that we are constituted by many things – by what goes on in the classroom, what we read and talk about outside, the events we organize and attend. And we know that the identity of the department extends outwards through the network of lives of those who have passed through AUP.

So we have begun this blog. We hope that it will provide a means for students and faculty to stay in touch, and for prospective students to find out what life in relation to the study of literature at AUP might entail. We hope that the alumni who are starting to appear on this blog – what a pleasure it is to see their faces and hear their written voices again! – will provide a resource for current students as they start to think about life after AUP. Our ambition is to hear from everyone who studied literature at AUP; so keep checking the Students and Alumni pages for new profiles and posts.

We will also be gradually building in new functions for the blog – we hope to be able to catalog the kinds of careers and lives that AUP alumni have built for themselves; we will add the syllabi for all of our courses; we will post regular announcements of events in Paris and at AUP; we’ll try to let you know when our faculty are travelling. Please do get in touch with us if you have ideas for other things you would like to see here.

The official department website is here. You will find details of the curriculum and the mission of the department on those pages.