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New music from Comparative Literature alumni: Wolkoff, Tacoma Narrows, The Other Band on Earth

15Avril-Wolkoff-WithoutShameAlbumArtThis week saw the release of Without Shame, the first album by Wolkoff (Joanie Wolkoff, CL, 2005); there are really interesting videos of The Homecoming (also featuring AUP alumnus, Ken Peyser), and While You Still Can. Or look out for live events.

That’s the electro-pop / dance side of the Comparative Literature diaspora. Cheney Munson (CL, 2006) fronts Tacoma Narrows, representing the ‘big city country-folk bluegrass’ wing of the department. Continue reading “New music from Comparative Literature alumni: Wolkoff, Tacoma Narrows, The Other Band on Earth”


Roy Rosenstein writes about teaching Dante in September 2001

DanteRoy Rosenstein, senior faculty member in the department, was teaching a course on Dante on Tuesday 11 September 2001. The class had just entered its first understanding of Dante’s hell when it was interrupted by news of the destruction of the World Trade Center. Over the years since, Roy has stayed in touch with the students who were in that class, and writes powerfully about the effects of that moment, and the responses of the class that gathered around it, in this article, published in the journal Liberal Education.

One student puts it like this:

Dante provided that toolbox for us at a moment when we desperately needed other words to grapple with images beamed out to us “live” of a destructiveness most students in the class had never witnessed.


Nils Schott (Comparative Literature 2002), recent publications and translations

nils's publications

Having moved back to Paris, Nils F. Schott (BA, 2002) teaches literature for the Paris program of Trinity College (Hartford, CT) and continues his work in research and translation. Out this year are Love and Forgiveness For a More Just World (co-edited with Hent de Vries, Columbia University Press); a translation and edition of Vladimir Jankélévitch’s Henri Bergson (co-edited with Alexandre Lefebvre, Duke University Press); and translations of Armen Avanessian and Anke Hennig’s Present Tense: A Poetics (Bloomsbury Publishing) as well as Avanessian’s Irony and the Logic of Modernity (de Gruyter). A number of exciting projects are underway; you can find more information on current projects and a way to contact Nils here

Dan Gunn on video and in New York – invitation to alumni for an evening with Dan on 24 February

emperor coverDan Gunn will be going on a road-trip to meet readers of his new novel, The Emperor of Ice Cream, and of the latest volume of the Beckett letters.  He would like all alumni of the department to know about an AUP Alumni Soirée with Professor Dan Gunn in New York, to be held on Tuesday, 24 February 2015; 7:30 pm, at the home of alumna Laura Kaiserman Dupuy ’95

You are cordially invited to spend an evening with our gracious host Laura Kaiserman Dupuy ’95 and Professor Dan Gunn as he travels through the East Coast. During the event, Professor Gunn will read excerpts from his recent works The Letters of Samuel Beckett Volume III 1957-1965 and The Emperor of Ice-Cream. Space for this evening is limited so please RSVP by February 10th. Location details will be provided upon confirmation.

If you have any questions, and for RSVPs, please contact

As preparation, you might like to look at this fabulous AUP video of Dan talking about Beckett while skirting the Santé prison

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We have set up a facebook page, to act as a meeting place for interested alumni, current students, and all those who are interested in writing, translating, and reading, and have some relation to AUP.

We know that undergraduates are looking for a place where they can draw on the wisdom of our alumni. It would be great if this page could make that easier.

So if you are on facebook, you might like to like us there too.

Gabrielle Flam (2010)

I am currently in the second year of my Master of Fine Arts Program in creative writing at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, concentrating in the genre of poetry. It was in Paris and at AUP that my incredible professors lit the literary spark within me, turning my poetic consciousness into a burning flame, and as my mentor and former teacher Jeffrey Greene likes to say, “ruined my life.” Unable to ever stop writing, I dove into my master’s studies last year, enrolling in workshops with wonderful poets, and exploring my new city of Boston. The fall foliage in full splendor, the reds and yellows welcomed me with open arms. Unfortunately, I soon discovered that Boston is not Paris—but then again, nowhere, I think, will ever be able to compare.

Last year I worked on an afterschool community outreach teaching program called EmersonWrites, teaching inner-city high school students creative writing. This year I have earned a position on staff as a teaching and research assistant to a professor in the Writing, Literature, and Publishing department. This has been a wonderful look into the world of academia, assisting with research and undergraduate classes on modernist and contemporary American poetry.

In Boston I have also been able to get a look at the publishing world. This past summer I worked at the literary and political magazine The Boston Review, as well as currently reading submissions for a literary arts journal, Redivider.

I am looking forward to finishing this year of coursework and writing my master’s thesis next fall, a collection of poetry.

Congratulations to new graduates from the department

We’d like to wish all of the new graduates well – we’ll try to get some pictures of graduation up, and hope to see their profiles on this site very soon.

Very warm wishes to:

Anna Beer (CL major)

Sophia Bogner (CL major)

Kaitlyn Cawley (CL major)

Alexia Chalendon (CL major)

Bethsabee Ory (LCA major)

Dalea Reichgott (LCA major)

Hannah Waldhorn (CL major)

Cassidy Flanagan (2007)

Graduating in Comp Lit in May 2007, I had the incredible opportunity of interning with BusinessWeek magazine (now Bloomberg BusinessWeek) in their Paris bureau.

An intern in this case meant a very poorly paid reporter (I did have that magical booklet of Tickets Restaurant: if given the chance, I would write an entirely separate blog post on how great those are!) but the bureau chief let me pitch my own stories and run with my own ideas.  While I wrote a lot about the French luxury market and learned the entire process of running a magazine, I was thrust into the throes of financial reporting when the initial economic crisis begin to set in, late summer of 2007. Continue reading “Cassidy Flanagan (2007)”

Amy Wood (2007)

Originally from Clearwater Florida, I grew up performing in musical comedies with a traveling theatre troupe. Working at a car wash outside of high school hours permitted me to save up enough money to get the hell out of Florida and I first came to Paris at the age of 18 as a model.

Continue reading “Amy Wood (2007)”

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