Merry Stuber in Dublin for the launch of volume 1 of Beckett's letters

I recently finished my MA in Publishing at Emerson college, which I discovered is probably not the best way to get into publishing. If any current AUP students are interested in going into publishing who would like to talk to someone about ways of going about it I would be happy to talk to them. My internships working on the Beckett letters under Professor Dan Gunn and at Beacon Press and Yale University Press have provided the experience necessary to launch myself.

I am currently temping in the publications department at The American Thoracic Society in NYC which I enjoy in as much as it is a pro-academic environment and, since I have just finished re-reading Vol. I and II of Proust’s In Search of Lost Time (in English, for now) and just started on Vol. III, I notice the beauty and surprise of Proust’s science metaphors all the more. It seems to me authors should have access to the greatest array of experience and knowledge as possible so as to have the most diverse palette with which to create. Working on highly technical science journals is of a greater joy to me than one might expect. I also expect to soon finish writing a novel based on some of my experiences in Paris, which I consider in many ways a tribute to my undergraduate education at AUP for it provided me with the tools to understand the world both academically and materially, to think creatively, and to keep an open mind about the most seemingly bizarre circumstances.