worksEdouard Levé’s experimental novel Works, brilliantly translated by AUP alumnus Jan Steyn (now completing a PhD at Cornell University) has been long-listed for the Best Translated books award.

Among the judges for this award are AUP’s Daniel Medin, and AUP Alumna Madeleine LaRue (editor, writer, and associate editor of the literary review Music and Literature). It sounds like favoritism, but it is rather evidence of the success and reach of AUP students and professors in the world of contemporary literature and translation.

Jan Steyn’s honour adds to a list of recent successes by MACT graduates, including the award won by Jesse T Lichtenstein’s translations of Guadalupe Nettel (she writes about her translations in Asymptote magazine), and the strong reviews of Emma Ramadan’s translation of Anne Garréta’s Sphinx, which has just been published by Deep Vellum Press.