On 7 April, Jula Wildberger will present a paper at the University of Chicago Paris on German Classicist Hermann Fraenkel’s empathic way of looking at the other. A volunteer first-war veteran, as a Jew he was expelled from his university position, and was forced to flee to California. At Stanford, he first completed his book on Ovid, another exile “between two worlds” (1945), and then his magnum opus, a comprehensive study of early Greek poetry and philosophy, which was published in German (!) by the American Philological Association. In this way, Fraenkel contributed to what he regarded as the true battlefield worth fighting on: the struggle of ideas and ideals.

5:20-6:00 Jula Wildberger (American University of Paris), ” ‘To understand each phenomenon as it intended itself’: Hermann Fraenkel as a Historian of Mentalities”