olivia and jarrah
Olivia Baes (MA in Cultural Translation) and Jarrah Burns (BA in Comparative Literature with a minor in Creative Writing)

Congratulations to those students who graduated this Spring, with BA in Comparative Literature, BA in Literary Studies and Creative Arts, MA in Cultural Translation. And we also saw the first graduating self-designed major in Classics. Apologies for my dodgy photographs – I would be delighted if you could send me your own pictures so we can show how fabulous and how happy you all looked.

We’ll list them all below; congratulations also to Daniel Medin and to Jeffrey Greene, awarded jointly the prize for curricular development, for their work in bringing, respectively, creative writing and world literature to the center of AUP’s curriculum. Fittingly, this was the first year in which students graduated with minors in Creative Writing.

A couple more pictures and the details after the break

Daniel, Emma, Felix
Daniel Medin, with Emma Ramadan and Felix Purat (both MA in Cultural Translation)

Congratulations to:

Olivia Baes (Cultural Translation)

Jarrah Burns (Comparative Literature, minor in creative writing)

Manon Carrié (Comparative Literature, minor in critical theory)

Chauncey Campanaro (Literary Studies and Creative Arts, minor in creative writing)

Chloé Elder (Comparative Literature)

Will Inrig (Literary Studies and Creative Arts)

Hynd Lalam (Comparative Literature)

Hannah Lee (Double major, in Computer Science and Classics)

Ariane Leverett (Cultural Translation)

Laure Lockwood (Double major, in Comparative Literature and Classics)

Amanda Merzaban (Cultural Translation)

Mui Poopposakul (Cultural Translation)

Felix Purat (Cultural Translation)

Emma Ramadan (Cultural Translation)

Rachel Rixen (Cultural Translation)

Tania Varela (Comparative Literature)

Vanessa Weller (Cultural Translation)

Jula Hynd and Tanya
A particularly blurry photograph of Jula Wildberger with Hynd Lalam and Tania Varela (both BA in Comparative Literature)