In what is becoming a regular series, we are happy to announce another event in which some of the interesting young writers and translators at AUP will read from their work. This time round, the writers are:

vanessaVanessa Weller, who earned her Bachelor’s degree in French and German from Lawrence University in 2009. She is currently a candidate in the Master’s program in Cultural Translation at AUP. She will be reading from her story, ‘L’Aile humaine’, written in French and self-translated into English as ‘To Have Wings’.

chaunceyChauncey Alan, who is currently working on a novel and two books of poems under the mentorship of Dr. Greene and Dr. Gilbert. In Paris he has opened a production company, Snaporaz films, which is currently engaged in the making of a short film, Titus, and the co-production of a 13 episode web-series entitled 16h20 Paris. He will also appear in Jorge Franco IV’s new play, Saturday Night Sleeping.

jorgeJorge Franco IV was born in Tempe, Arizona. His poems have been published and featured in anthologies and periodicals such as Hoozdo Magazine and the Paris/Atlantic. In 2011, Jorge graduated with a degree in Acting from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the following year his first play Atiya was staged in New York City.

claudiaClaudia S. Galtes is from Miami, part Venezuelan and Cuban, best of both worlds. She is currently a Sophomore at  AUP, majoring in Film Studies. She also likes to think she’s the Cubanita Princess of da 305.

lethuLethu Msimang is a second year B.A student majoring in Literary Studies and Creative Arts at AUP. After two semesters of creative writing she found she had an inclination toward the literary arts and will be presenting a selection of her poetry and a sketch.  Her poems have appeared in New Coin Poetry (South Africa) and Paris/Atlantic.

The evening will be hosted by Jarrah Burns, and refreshments will be served.