The new – and excellent – edition of The Quarterly Conversation is now out. And it is packed with writing from AUP. As well as the interview with Dan Gunn that we featured a couple of days ago, there are reviews by Mona Reiserer (CL, 2012), now Mona Gainer-Salim, and by Madeleine Larue, who graduated with an Art-History major a few years ago, then from the MA in Cultural Translation in 2012. Mona reviews Sjon’s The Whispering Muse, and Madeleine reviews the new translation of Leskov, by AUP’s own Richard Pevear and his wife and translating partner Larissa Volokhonsky.leskovsjon

The AUP connections don’t quite end there. There is also an interview with Ottelie Mulzet, who translated Cahier 14, Animalinside, by Krazhnahorkai, and who spoke to AUP students last year; and there is a review of the new cahier, Her Not All Her, by Nobel-prize winner Elfride Jellinek.

For those of you that don’t know, the Cahier series, in the publication of which Profs Dan Gunn and Daniel Medin are both involved, is an amazing publishing venture, co-published between AUP and Sylph Editions.