petty and greeneBy invitation of the Center for Writers & Translators and the Department of Comparative Literature & English, Jeffrey Green and Ralph Petty will present their new book, no. 20 in the Cahiers Series, Shades of the Other Shore, in the Grand Salon, 31 Avenue Bosquet.
The two, writer and artist, share rural American beginnings, but have since discovered a new life in France, in sparsely populated French areas of Burgundy and the Ardèche, respectively. Their cahier offers a deep mapping of their adopted regions: Greene’s sequence of sketches and poems explores imagined correspondences between personal and historical ghosts tied to the seasons; Petty’s watercolours record a journey to the source of a local river. The result is a rich artistic translation, through their American sensibilities, of the landscapes of their chosen homes.
Jeffrey Greene is the author of four poetry collections, one volume of memoirs, and two nature books. He directs Creative Writing at AUP. Ralph Petty’s book of drawings, Démons Quotidiens, with Canadian writer Nancy Huston, was published in 2011. He is Professor of Drawing and Painting at AUP where he is also the University Curator and Gallery Director.