qc dg interviewQuarterly Conversation has published a long and fascinating interview with our own Dan Gunn, in which he discusses his work on the project of publishing the letters of Samuel Beckett.

The project has involved research-internships for more than 50 AUP students over the years. Gunn describes the pleasure of working with students:

The satisfactions of working on such a project are many and varied, of course. In my role as a professor at the American University of Paris I have the pleasure of watching students cut their teeth on original research, as they find their ways in the—often hostile—environment of Paris libraries. I get to witness their delight when they discover an answer after persistent searching. Let me give an example from this very week. In a letter of 1 April 1960 to Jacoba van Velde, Beckett, who has read the reviews of Krapp’s Last Tape then playing in Paris (in French) that has just opened, writes that the actor Chauffard has been found to be “prodigieux” in the title role (where he himself finds him very poor indeed). I assumed that this word “prodigieux” had appeared in a review of the play, but could not know this for sure, or if so in which one. It took a student of mine who is working on the project, Hynd Lalam, three visits to the Bibliothèque Nationale, before she finally tracked down the review in which the word was indeed used. A small discovery, of course: but of many such small discoveries are our footnotes made.

Read the interview here.