I am currently in the second year of my Master of Fine Arts Program in creative writing at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, concentrating in the genre of poetry. It was in Paris and at AUP that my incredible professors lit the literary spark within me, turning my poetic consciousness into a burning flame, and as my mentor and former teacher Jeffrey Greene likes to say, “ruined my life.” Unable to ever stop writing, I dove into my master’s studies last year, enrolling in workshops with wonderful poets, and exploring my new city of Boston. The fall foliage in full splendor, the reds and yellows welcomed me with open arms. Unfortunately, I soon discovered that Boston is not Paris—but then again, nowhere, I think, will ever be able to compare.

Last year I worked on an afterschool community outreach teaching program called EmersonWrites, teaching inner-city high school students creative writing. This year I have earned a position on staff as a teaching and research assistant to a professor in the Writing, Literature, and Publishing department. This has been a wonderful look into the world of academia, assisting with research and undergraduate classes on modernist and contemporary American poetry.

In Boston I have also been able to get a look at the publishing world. This past summer I worked at the literary and political magazine The Boston Review, as well as currently reading submissions for a literary arts journal, Redivider.

I am looking forward to finishing this year of coursework and writing my master’s thesis next fall, a collection of poetry.