AUP and the Eugene Lang Partnership invite the community to a Communicative Objects Seminar Series lecture with Cary Hollinshead-Strick (Department of Comparative Literature and English, AUP) and Kate Eichhorn (Media & Culture, Eugene Lang).

On Wednesday, March 21, at 19:00 in C31.

Cary Hollinshead-Strick will speak on “Buying Time: Beyblades, Inception, and Tops as Communicative Objects.”  If, as Walter Benjamin says, “children’s toys… are the silent signifying dialog between them and their nation,” what are we to make of the spinning tops that were suddenly central to both the French toy market and one of the year’s more successful films in 2010? This talk speculates about what these particular toys were being used to conjure a year or two ago.  It suggests that their recent collectability has as much to do with controlling their surroundings as with the lasting appeal of launching a top.

Kate Eichhorn will speak on “A Lock of Hair in the Archive: Abject Objects and Liminal Accumulations.”  Much has been written about the history of collecting and collections, but what about those objects we are not supposed to collect? What makes a thing uncollectable? And what is the status of such objects in collections and archives? This paper examines the place of abject objects in and on the edges of collections, paying specific attention to what the exclusion of liminal objects reveals about collecting and about the archive as a regulatory space and practice.

This is the first seminar when AUP will be connecting live with Eugene Lang in New York through the new video conferencing system recently installed in C31.

For more information please contact Professor Irina D. Mihalache (  For more information on the AUP/Eugene Lang partnership, please visit: