Friday, December 9 at 18:00
6 rue du Colonel Combes, Room 12

visitors from outside AUP are very welcome – please contact to ensure admission.

At the invitation of the Department of Comparative Literature and English and the MA in Cultural Translation, Najwan Darwish will be reading from his anthology, Je me lèverai un jour, published by Al-Feel, selected and translated from the Arabic by Antoine Jockey, who will read the French translations. English translations will be read by Sousan Hammad, a Master’s student in Cultural Translation, who is currently translating the poetry of Darwish.  Neil Gordon, Dean of the University, will introduce the evening. A discussion and reception will follow the reading.

Darwish is a poet, critic and literary editor. He lives in Jerusalem, Palestine and contributes to Palestinian cultural life through several projects and initiatives. His poems have been translated into numerous languages and have appeared in a number of publications around the world.

Critic Bashir Abu-Manneh, Professor of Literature at Barnard College (Colombia University), writes:

Najwan Darwish’s poetry is different: it seems to have overcome the false dichotomy between poetry and social and political reality. What struck me first about reading his poems is his capacity to do justice to both poetry (to image, to condensed form) while also doing justice to its surrounding real. This is a significant challenge: how to mediate between two intense forms without ruining either. What these poems convey (through their clarity and moral honesty) is a poetic voice, a figure, who is sharp, critical, and clear, and wishes to look reality in the face poetically.