AUP at the Musee Flaubert

Students reading Flaubert were taken on a tour of  Rouen by Daniel Medin. The itinerary included:

1. Musée Flaubert at the Hôtel Dieu (see photo above)

2. Lunch at Place du vieux marché, site of Jeanne d’Arc’s execution

3. Flaubert statue by Bernstamm at Place des Carmes; reading from opening to Flaubert’s Parrot by Julien Barnes (which is set at this location, below this sculpture)

4. Brief stop before the Church of Saint-Ouen

5. Exhibition of Flaubert portraits by Maxime Adam-Tessier at the Hotel de Ville

6. Private viewing of Flaubert’s library at the Hotel de Ville of Canteleu, with focus on texts used for research of Bouvard et Pécuchet (though we also see copies of the author’s nightstand standbys, Montaigne and Cervantes)

7. Visit to Rouen Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame), where we view a tympanum recreated in Flaubert’s story “Herodias”; the stained glass window that inspired his “Saint Julian the Hospitalier”; and a facade painted by Monet, about which a character in Proust’s Recherche carries on

AUP study trip to Rouen8. Stroll through the old city, with a stop at the charnel house of Saint-Maclou

9. Glimpse at the Tour Jeanne d’Arc and the old stammcafé of Sarte and de Beauvoir