I am originally from Mexico City. In 1995 I moved to France, where I lived, worked, and studied for seven years. I earned my BA in Comparative Literature at AUP with a minor in Theatre Performance.

But during that time I also studied as an actress at L’École Florent, among others, and with renowned actor Bruce Myers, a lifelong member of Peter Brook’s International Company.  Some of my film and television credits in France include  L’ami de Patagonie, alongside Hippolyte Girardot, and Le Sourire d’Alice, an experimental French film that won an award for best film at the Festival de Pantin. Most of this was possible because of the Parisian setting afforded by AUP, which allowed me (not without difficulty) to pursue my University studies as well as work part-time on my minor. At AUP I found many types of professors, all of whom were deeply dedicated to their students as well as their individual academic research.  But what I found most enthralling of all was that each and every one of them was passionate about the subject they teach.   They consider education as well as culture a priority and not a luxury.  Some I can name are Professors Roy Rosenstein and Geoffrey Gilbert.  Professor Roy Rosenstein was my advisor during the days I spent at AUP, but has continued to be a key mentor in my academic and professional life, encouraging me and helping me make important decisions for my future and career.  He is a person to whom I am deeply grateful and who takes every aspect of teaching into consideration, as an MD should take into consideration every aspect of a patient whom he is trying to heal.  Dr. Rosenstein manages to do all this while maintaining the highest standards with his students.  But also with humor.  That is quite an effective teaching technique!

After AUP I returned to Mexico and acted in another film, Una de Dos, which has had screenings in London and elsewhereI acted in a season of Dario Fo’s A Woman Alone, in which Jacopo Fo, in charge of his father’s copyright, allowed me to use my own translation, instead of the one already available in print in Spanish.  I published poems in English, Spanish, and French for Las Bellas online art exhibition, in collaboration with artists Hugeaux and Miguel Plà.  Most recently I am co-editor of the book Arte Mecco: The History, which was published last year.  Presently I am a candidate in the MFA program for Playwriting at San Francisco State University.  For the end of the semester, I am finishing a draft of my first full-length play, The Great Unwashed, under the direction of Roy Conboy, director of the Playwriting track here at SFSU.  My play The Great Unwashed is another attempt to dramatize the terror we, as societies and individuals, experience in relating to the other, and the conflicts we encounter when trying to relate to or incorporate that other into our individual or collective consciousness as merely that, the other, and the resolution of those difficulties which often tend to deteriorate into negation and/or extermination.

A first reading of this play is being arranged in San Francisco through San Francisco State University. For future stagings I would hope to have AUP alumnus  and actor Marco Agnolucci and my former teacher Bruce Myers participate as actors.