My name is María Tubio and I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I went to AUP, where I majored in Comparative Literature and also did a minor in French. What can I say about the time I spent at AUP? Well, when I think about it sometimes I wonder if it all really happened, if all the great experiences I had in Paris were real…. Seriously, sometimes I ask myself, “Did I really go to Italy with my class just to practice Italian? Did I really go to the Louvre and to the theater with my AUP professors? Did I really read about Javert’s death in Les Misérables while I was sitting next to the Seine?” I have too many memories! Perhaps that’s why I can’t believe all those things actually happened in such a short period of time.

After graduating from AUP, I completed an internship at Éditions Stock (Hachette) in Paris and worked at a designer’s store on Avenue Montaigne for a couple of months. Then I went to England for an M.A. in Interpreting and Translating at the University of Bradford. I loved West Yorkshire! The place where I lived was very close to Brontë county. In fact, I went to Haworth several times with the sole purpose of reading Wuthering Heights, in Wuthering Heights.

When I completed my M.A., I began my doctoral studies in Comparative Literature. I went to Penn State University, where I had the opportunity to work with amazing scholars. The four years that I spent in “Happy Valley” were probably the climax of my Bildung in every possible way. I am also very nostalgic about my Penn State years!

At Penn State, I also met the person who is now my husband. He was doing a postdoc in Quantum Chemistry when we met. He was offered a tenure-track position in Bogota, Colombia. We moved there and I started working as a Lecturer at Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Department of Literary Studies) while I wrote my dissertation. A few months later, I defended my dissertation and graduated. I was offered a tenure-track job at a university in the United States, but I preferred to stay in Bogota, where I was also offered a tenure-track job. Now I am working at Universidad EAN as an Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies.

I consider myself a very lucky person because I had the chance to enjoy a great interdisciplinary and multicultural education. Having lived in five countries and speaking five languages is also very cool!

I miss AUP a lot when I think about everything I learned there, both as a student and as a person. Professors like Dr. Roy Rosenstein and Dr. Marc Pelen set the bar really high! In the future, I know I’ll feel very proud if some of my own students remember me the way I remember my AUP professors.