My name is Raphael Bernard and I studied comparative literature at the American University of Paris.  After reading and writing for a while, I graduated.  I came back to the U.S.A. to get a TESOL degree to find a way to live abroad again.  I ended up on Bora Bora, feeling it was just the speed I was interested in after living in Paris for three years.  I have French citizenship which makes it possible to work in the islands.  I taught English to the hotel’s staff in Bora Bora for a little over a year.  My schedule was the following: half day teach, half day beach.  And I stuck to it as best I could.  It was an incredible chance to work there.  Now, I represent a group of hotels in French Polynesia, and am based in California.  This is a just a short word to show that studying literature doesn’t mean you’re only meant to work in libraries.  On an aside, I really like libraries and respect those who work in libraries.