I studied comparative literature at AUP for the 2007/8 academic year and was so moved and inspired by my experience in Paris and at the university that I moved back to the city upon graduating. The interdisciplinary and very active approach to learning were refreshing after studying English in Halifax, a small coastal Canadian city where things happen slowly. My work studies with Dan Gunn at the Center for Writers and Translators as well as at Shakespeare & Company gave me the idea and interest to start my own literary project: I founded Her Royal Majesty, a literary and arts magazine, upon returning to Halifax in the fall of 2008. The magazine has always associated images with text and we publish short stories, poems, flash fiction and essays as well as paintings, photography, drawings, collage, and sculpture.
Living in Paris is a bit like making a collage: I work as a freelance writer, editor and journalist, and with sick and handicapped children. Sometimes I teach things to people, too. I also act and am currently working on a play about failed actors driving across the USA. I am nearly finished my first novel, told in two sequences of linked short stories. I like Paris because it fits my moods and because I generally find what I’m looking for (easy enough when you have three bakeries you can see from your balcony).