Alkmini working hard at a wine fair

Well, lets see, after graduating from AUP in 2003 I returned to Athens, Greece, and have been here ever since. I am now a mother of three, active in the family’s wine business of producing, importing and distributing this magical product! I could go on about wine for many pages, so feel free to contact me if you ever want to share your feelings about it.

I always go back to my years in Paris and AUP with nostalgia (Geoff Gilbert has heard about nostos and nostalgia from me before…). When I think of my studies the word “quality” always comes into mind: great studies, great surroundings and great stimuli; I became part of the Beckett Project thanks to Dan Gunn and until today I can dig up any information you ask me… (A very useful thing in a country like Greece, trust me).

Among the things I enjoyed the most in AUP was the multi-cultural nature of the students and its faculty. It was beyond my expectations!

During my first years in Athens this multi ethnicity is what I missed most, so I took every chance to keep in touch with a more international community. And it seems to me now that I write these words that I made a very good job out of it!! Mind you, the circle of friends changes when children come into the picture… you want to meet other new families too, because the younger members play together while the older ones can share a cool bottle of sparkling in the park!

What is even better than me filling a gap is that this community has become part of the “quotidien” for my children, who get to experience what I did at 20 at the age of 3 or 6! They are now as comfortable around their German, French, Swedish and what not friends, as with our Greek cousins and family.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you plan to visit Greece or if you need any tips on wine! I’m in town selling wine all week and on our vineyard Montofoli during the weekends. It would be a pleasure to meet you and introduce you to “Xenios Zeus”.