Born and raised in the beautiful Bavarian city of Munich, where I attended an International School, and currently studying Literary Studies & the Creative Arts at AUP, with minors in Film and Psychology, I am an eager amateur writer/photographer/cook/critic, trying to pursue the vision of my ideal self, whilst not giving in to the evil voices outside of my head telling me that becoming a successful writer, photographer, cook, or critic is impossible these days.

And therefore, rather than telling you more about these grotesquely silly goals of mine, I will, for a change, ramble on about what I decided not to do (because people rarely ever talk about the dreams they gave up on in favor of others).

So, if I wasn’t studying Creative Arts & co in Paris, I’d be on my way to becoming a neurobiologist, or perhaps even a neuro- or cardiac surgeon. Why, alas, am I not? It was not a lack of passion or academic performance, but simply choosing the lesser evil – that is, the compromise – that is inherent to every dream when it comes to living it. In my case the stakes were: lack of a personal life vs. lack of money.

Being the hopeless romantic at heart that I am, I can see the beauty in a life as a penniless writer living in Paris (Montmartre, of course), and so I ended up here. And, thus far, I am quite satisfied and grateful for having made this choice, even though I suppose that the one, penniless vision that lies within reach is perhaps in reality not quite as romantic as in theory.

However, my education at AUP has kept me hopeful! I have had the honor of meeting some truly excellent professors, and with their help and support have had the opportunity, over the course of the last two years, to become someone who I wanted to be when I was younger. I very much look forward to the remainder of my time here, and am sure it will aid me in becoming who I would like to be tomorrow (and, perhaps, even help me to scribble out “penniless” from my future job description.)