You want to know more about who I am? Do I add the secrets of all my mom’s best recipes or will this be enough?

I fall in love with Paris every time the sun comes out; I read three to five books at the same time in two different languages, and I should definitely start one in my third language – I am lazy; I go to class and out of class; I fall in love with Prague because I seem to like cities that start with a P; I try to pronounce words in Czech and fail utterly; I read one of the most famous classics of French literature, because apparently you cannot escape forever; I love; I try to do everything; I am a pathological procrastinator; I wish I had more time for the Beckett Project, but I’m still fighting against the hours; I work and it makes me feel like part of something that is not school, which is a nice feeling; I match my American friends and my French friends, with variable success; I am going to Porto because it starts with a P and because I miss Europe; I work even more, because I need money; I share laughter, cultural references, endless conversations with my roommates; I purr and am purred to; I watch six different TV series per week, because it is the only way to use the time when I’m procrastinating; My favorite moment of the day is the night, when everything gets quieter and sexier; I try to understand better the system from which I come and the one which I ended up choosing over it; I dream a lot; I test frontiers all the time; I caress them; I read very slowly in English and sometimes  I wish I was ten again, when I would read a whole book in a couple of hours;  I think about what will happen next, but I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I know that I want to be, though. I am a second semester senior but next semester I will be a third semester senior because I like the ternary rhythm best, like everything that is held together by its unbalance; people have tried to make me choose among things I like doing for years now and I have always managed to find tricks and tips to avoid it, I wonder what the next one will be; I am taking two literature classes, one history and urban studies class, and a journalism class, and I miss my philosophy classes; I have trouble with everything that gets named theory, although I know I shouldn’t.

I don’t have projects, I only have desires. I want more, further, closer, deeper and darker; to embrace the wor(l)d and hold it tight, and push it the furthest away possible. I like limits, blurs and meeting points. I like things that seem obvious and discussing the consensus, and trying to understand it. Thus, I am more and more interested in translation, in a translation that both acts and thinks about itself, that understands its role as more than that of a dictionary – and sometimes no less either. But things that I like and things that bother me and make me feel uneasy are often close. Plus, I dislike words that you can understand only if you keep in mind ten other definitions (think… Kant or Heidegger – although I actually enjoyed both a lot), which goes back to my fear of theories: if a phallus is not a penis, I get lost. And I like liking things I thought I would dislike, such as my biology course last semester – and some phalluses.

If this gives you any idea of “who I am, what my aspirations are and how you can serve and teach us even better than you are doing right now”, let me know, I am always curious.