Comparative Literature, Class of 2010

Still in Paris, I’m currently doing a Masters in British Modernism and translation at Sorbonne Nouvelle, playing chess and taking fencing classes. Had a dream about cabbages last night. They were arranged on a checkerboard, some were pink and others were green. It was my turn but I realized I didn’t have a fork, so I couldn’t play. Then Clarissa Dalloway said she prefered men to cauliflowers and sadly devoured a pink cabbage.

I feel confident that I have the necessary solid background to tackle my graduate studies. For AUP has been both enriching and inspiring. But also so intensely interdisciplinary that I’m still reluctant to specialize. My intuition, however – an intuition my CompLit professors have so kindly encouraged through the years – tells me that this is the way it should be. Whereas cabbages still stress me a bit, literature makes me happy. This is as much as I know for now and I look forward to exploring it more in the future.