8 February 2011 | 19h00 | Door Studios: 9-9bis rue des Lesdiguières, 75004 Paris

In the summer of 2010, French photographer Isabelle Boccon-Gibod travelled to Siberia:

“It’s 9:00 am. I’m sitting in the back of the 1960’s vintage VW minibus, on the way to the pulp and paper mill with two Finnish engineers and their local interpreter. The driver is pulling on the cigarette butt stuck to his lower lip. He’s hardly focused enough to avoid the potholes. We pass entire neighborhoods of concrete, decayed appartment blocks. The engineers are working on a gigantic project, the building of a new recovery boiler. I listen with one ear. They like to joke. They like it here. I wonder: Where will I go today, where will I look, what will I photograph? The woodyard? The digester’s tower? Let’s get there, to the mill, and see what the light looks like. It’s twelve degrees now and a bit misty.”

This is an Arts Arena event