The MA in Cultural Translation and the Department of Comparative Literature and English invite you to a presentation:

Monday 31 January, 18:30, in B31

Scénographies urbaines / Douala, Alexandrie, Kinshasa, Johannesburg, Paris, Dakar…

Public response to street art in Johannesburg

The presentation will be in French, with English translation for those who need it.

Scénographies urbaines are a group based in Strasbourg and Belleville, who have been building links between urban artists around the world, particularly in Kinshasa, Dakar, Johannesburg, and Paris. They aim to bring the techniques and technologies of looking and creating that have grown out of one urban context to bear on another – so, for example, they will enable urban artists from Kinshasa to develop an artist’s residency in Belleville, to see whether elements of their worldview can illuminate and enliven Parisian street life.

See more about their work and projects here: